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Navigating career, community, and connection


Founded in Greensboro, NC, we aim to change the way our world views and hires adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are launching our first training program in September 2021. | 336.203.1842

616 B South Elm Street

Greensboro, NC 27406

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Who We Are 

We are a non-profit located in downtown Greensboro, NC and we are passionate about connecting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to the greater Greensboro community and vice versa. 


We believe in the intrinsic value of every human and are fighting against the marginalization of people groups, specifically adults with disabilities. 


We expect and aim to change the way our community trains, interviews, and hires adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities so that our world becomes a more inclusive and diverse place, accepting and embracing of all people! 


Our Mission

We were founded in 2020 for the primary purpose of providing life, social, training, and networking skills to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through coaching, connecting, training, and networking.

The secondary purpose of Compass Greensboro is to advocate for disability rights, give voice to the disability community, and increase awareness and educate the general public (both in Greensboro and around the world) on behalf of adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Accomplishing Our Goals

We plan to achieve our goals by working in three main areas: 


10-month job training program (specifically geared towards the hospitality and foodservice industries) for both students with IDD (complete with supported job placement and maintenance) as well as leadership and coaching classes for business owners and managers 



Coaching on practical and applicable soft skills such as social skills, networking, dating, and making and maintaining friendships 



Building out and providing living spaces/apartments for adults with IDD in conjunction with supportive coaching on independent living skills such as understanding and obtaining health insurance, meal planning/grocery shopping/cooking, personal financial planning & management, house cleaning and laundry, transportation, etc.

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